Music Arts Academy is a private music school where every student has a choice – whether to engage in musical art at a professional level and prepare for admission to European schools, or to see music as a favorite hobby and come to classes to spend a very pleasant time and immerse yourself in the world of music.

The “School course for children” is built on a seven-grade planning. Subjects studied during the Course – the main instrument, solfege, history of musical art, school orchestra, playing in ensembles. Also, our teachers have developed special optional lectures on the history of instruments’ development. We organize educational tours for detailed study of the structure of piano, violin and other instruments. In our opinion, group trips to the National Opera House, to the musical theatre for children, to attend the best concerts by students together with teachers, followed by discussion and comments of professional musicians are extremely important. We are happy to spend time with our students, as we are very interested in their comprehensive cultural and musical development.