We are sincerely happy when adults enter our school to learn music. It gives us the feeling that we are helping a human to realize a dream. This fills us with positive emotions and inspires to create a special atmosphere, where our students are being comfortable and at ease. We have great respect for our students, because the person who decided to step towards a Dream is worthy of the highest praise.

Dear all, if you have such a dream – without hesitation, start practicing!

Of course, there is a specificity in communication with adult students, but our main task is to open the way for the student to carry out creative requests.

A special bonus is our wonderful musical “community.” In our school you can meet well-known and highly respected musicians-amateurs, including diplomats, top managers, owners of companies. World celebrities of the classical scene love to spend time in our school, when they come to Kiev on tour, as we have a wonderful concert grand piano and a great atmosphere for rehearsals.

Important stage of adult musical education is the formation of technical skills, competently using them the student learns with time to make music without help of the teacher, reading the musical text and interpreting it. For the ideal process of development in music, we recommend combining classes on an instrument with music theory classes, which we are offering to adult students.

Inside every one of us there is always music, let us splash out, into this world!