«Elementary» Course for children 5-7 y.o.

The great attention is laid on the comprehensive musical development of the child, preparing him, or her for the soft immersion into the world of music. During our classes, we use some elements of several modern progressive European methods: the improvisational approach of Karl Orff, “Rhythmic Gymnastics” by Jacques Dalcroze, the method “Colorstring”, created in Finland and successfully developing in many European countries. All these methods are widely used in European countries, some are taught in European schools.

For a child, playing with timbre, the dynamics of sound, rhythm, dance, and composing stories-fairy tales with different sounds – it is incredibly exciting and interesting!

We use only “live sound”: singing and the simplest musical instruments – stones, sticks, metal, bell and everything that will help to create a beautiful sound.

The method used in the Music Arts Academy is unique, “Colorstring”, created by G. Szilvay and based on the principles of musical education of zoltan Kodai. This method works greatly especially for children starting to master string instruments. The main idea is to introduce the child to the basic principles of violin playing, to form the correct reflexes in a playful way, to teach the child the concentration and basics of Solfeggio.