Piano Instructor

Vladislava Kruskal


Vladislavа can be quite literally  called a pianist with outstanding achievements on the international stage.

She is an awardee of many international and Ukrainian competitions, among which we can mantion but a few: the International Piano Competition(Beer-Sheva, Israel), Heinrich Neuhaus Ukrainian Piano Contest,  Ibla Grand Prix International Competition (Sicily, Italy), Delia Stahlberg International Piano Competition

Anna Stavychenko – teacher of the musical and art’s history.

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Anna – is a young Ukrainian and very well known musical critic, P.h.d. in musicology. Anna held her scientific research at the Richard Strauss Institute (Garmish-Partenkirchen), as well as at Ludvig-Maximilian University in Munich (Germany). Being an International Wagner Society member, Anna visited an elite event of a world cultural life – Bayreuth Festival