Project Description

Oksana Veres is a certified specialist in the Orff-methodology of early development of children

She graduated from the P.I. Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine.

Oksana passed several international courses on innovative methodology:

  • International course for “Elemental music and dance pedagogy”; Karl Orff Institute, Austria 2013, 2014
  • International course for Orff-pedagogy, Czech Republic, 2015; Hungary, 2016; Slovakia 2017
  • Dance-art course at Segni mossi studio, Moscow, 2016;
  • Orff Workshop «Teaching Jazz for all ages» and «Play, Sing & Dance», Belgium 2017
  • International Workshop “Journey to Yourself in the Country of Voice and Dance”, Belarus, 2015

Oksana Veres has received training from many world famous teachers: James Harding (USA), Doug Goodkin (USA), Coloman Kallós, Ari Glade, Barbara Haselbah, Shirley Salmon, Andrea Ostertag, Manuela and Michael Vidmar, Sonya Stiba (Austria), Lenka Pospeshilova (Czech Republic) Werner Beidinger (Germany), Alessandro Lumar, Simon Lobefaro (Italy), Gabor Tamas (Hungary), Svitlana Fir (Ukraine), Evgeniy Belozerov (Russia), Irina Shestopalova (Russia) and others.

In Kiev, she organized several Orff-classes studios, and has been successfully managing them for several years.